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i Iran Mehr machine-made carpet with a skilled and experienced staff and the use of the best technology and machines of the day has been able to produce a variety of carpets for different tastes. In line with the pioneers of the carpet industry in the world, this collection has been trying to satisfy the needs of its customers, to produce and supply a product in accordance with world standards. This collection has always made every effort to create diversity and innovation, and to respond to the tastes of your favorite audience, depending on the way we were able to compete with the unmatched handmade carpet. With its unique designs and high quality, Iran Mehr machine-made Carpet brings a special beauty to the environment around your home. The happy colors and designs we create are marvelously integrated with contemporary traditional interior designs. Iran is committed to creating super quality fabrics, which at the same time preserves the great Persian heritage of carpet art. The company's carpets have not only introduced itself as a pioneer in the global market, but also inspired us to develop the boundaries of carpet designs and texture techniques. We have always tried to revive old designs of Iranian textiles in your home.